D-KIT-8190 ~ Subaru Retainer Assortment

D-KIT-8190 ~ Subaru Retainer Assortment
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  • Item #: D-KIT-8190
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Disco Automotive Hardware

Subaru Retainer Assortment

Product Description

Repair Kit for Doors, Fenders & Rocker Mouldings
Contains 12 Different Sizes in Plastic Tray
126 Total Pcs.

Assortment Contains Some of Each of The Following Items

12093PK ∼ White Cowl Grommets for use with Part# 12094
12094PK ∼ Black Cowl Retainers for use with Part# 12093
12089PK ∼ Black Door & Fender Trim Retainers
12084PK ∼ Black Trunk Interior Trim Retainers
12092PK ∼ Black Hood Insulator Retainers
12079PK ∼ Black Fender & Front Bumper Retainers
12085PK ∼ Black Screw Type Fender Retainers
12078PK ∼ Black Push Type Retainers
12090PK ∼ Black Push Type Bumper Retainers
12087PK ∼ Black Fender Liner Retainers
12091PK ∼ Grille Push Type Retainers
12086PK ∼ Rocker Moulding Retainers with Sealer

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